Bytt blogg

February 1, 2011

Besök min nya blogg där jag hädanefter tänker skriva i. 🙂


January 15, 2011

Jag är så förbannat trött på att om och om igen komma in på samma diskussion jämt och ständigt, det handlar om det faktum att jag bär slöja. Ifall jag fick en tia för varje gång jag gått från en annan diskussion till att försvara det faktum att jag bär slöja så skulle jag ha vart en rik kvinna nu. Att ens närmaste ska ifrågasätta ens sätt att vara, ja, slöjan är jag, såsom min religion kompletterar mig. Att inte folk kan uppskatta och respektera and för den dem är och inse att inte alla kan bli som dem, alla vi människor gör saker som är till vår fördel även ifall det innebär att förändra en person helt för att denne ska bli som en själv. Och för att denne betyder något oerhört för en. Kärlek och uppskattning är så mycket viktigare! Kärlek, uppskattning och förståelse för var och en. För vad vore en person helt utan brister, tråkig. Nästintill förutsägbar, för ibland så är det våra brister som gör oss till den vi är. Och låt oss flasha med våra fel, och inse att på något sätt så lär någon därute älska oss för just de – Våra brister.


School, Last term

January 15, 2011


School’s started and i’ve got a busy schedule since im looking for a part time job whil studying the sh*t out of myself(not) i’ve been lazy lately. As you notice.. ha ha! Life’s been one big splashy soup for me lately. I’ve done great desicions which have affect my life, took great chances/risks. And i’ve developed in that way. Day by day. And what i believe isn’t that you develope and change when time passes by, instead your progress goes by every breath you take, look at it in that way. After every breath of yours, you’re indeed a changed person, you’ve learnt new thing, become more aware of things, appreciated things, and you’ve developed into the newer and better you! The you, who for a few breaths away thought you couldn’t make it. Do whatever it was you thought you couldn’t do a few breaths before. But you’ve proved to yourself that you can do it, and you’ve learnt one great lesson, that it’s you who has the power over your thinking and the way that you handle subjects, and act. So don’t ever think that anything is too hard or too complicated because it’s only you who can find out the way to solve it. Keep that in mind!





June 20, 2010

I hope that some of the”underdogs” winst wm soccer this year.. im hoping the best for nigera,ivory coas,kameroon and Algeria and all the other soccer teams that aren’t one of the top 5. 🙂

At the moment

September 23, 2009

At the moment im downloading microsoft office, because it doesnt work on my computer… thats pretty mutch it.. well that and me textmessaging meanwhile waiting 4 the darn thing to download..


September 14, 2009

Hey guys!

Its been a long time since.. Theres a reason why i havent typed for a while is that i spent the most of the time with my friends and the family ofc. And in my summer break i went to Dubai, It was pretty nice over there. So my summer has been great! And now i’ve been at school for about two months without typing(sorry guys!) but i kinda forgot that i had this blog.. i just rememered i had a blog yesterday, how late :P. I will type alot of more things from now on. Instead of being as lazy as i am and not log in. I have a facebook btw, that quite abt it! i like facebook its like the only thing i log in to when starting my computer. Speaking of facebook. Have u heard abt the new facebook ”little”. Its mutch more easier than the new updated facebook. First of all when they changed and made the facebook new it made it all more complicated. It wasnt that easy to understand it all… then there was these damn games like farmville…and some *imashoppinggirl* stuff.. And yes there is a time when u just feel like deleting ur facebook, even if that’s impossible!!arrghh.. well most of the time i like it. its easy. U can contact ur friends.. And also meet friends u havent seen in a long time. 🙂



January 16, 2009

It’s a demonstration in ”göteborg” 17 January.
14.00, come if YOU support Palestina. 🙂


January 16, 2009

Today i just recently got the good news, that i’ll soon get an A+ in my english!! 🙂 my techer just told me so and im so happy, but yet abit sad ’bout what is going on in Gaza i fell with the palestinian people who get hurt by israeli bombs and stuff. And i’ve seen horrible, horrible pictures whitch i just cant describe. I hope that there will be peace in the middle east and that everything is back as it used to be, when the palestinian ground used to be theirs and not the Israelis. By the way it’s a demonstration in

Gothemburg tomorrow 17 January, Saturday.
Y’all people whitch support the palestinians can come and demonstrate.

Love Sincerly, haafs.

by the way

January 15, 2009

I recently found out that we were going to see twilight next thursday, not this one altought i’ve been told so. Anyways today i’ve been social (as usuall) and it’s been a really great day, but i got to commit that it sometimes feels like i have a big hole beneath my heart, which grow smaller by the time. I feel hurt. But im not sad. And actually i dont regret my mistakes, i learn from them. And i think that life is about taking chances, and do some risks.

right now

January 14, 2009

Right now im happy because a friend of my asked me if i would like to see twilight, and since im THE only ONE whitch have seen it i suppose i need to see it. My friend has seen it like four times and she actually love the movie. I’ve read the two books and it seems like i’ve fallen in love with the whole Edward and Bella thing. And that Edward is really killing me, robert is it possible to look that good as an vampire as you do? cuz sometimes i think im dreaming. And i will see the movie im just soo excited to go tomorrow and i’ll promise to write some sentences ’bout what will become my favourite movie of all time.